The Gurdjieff Work

G.I. Gurdjieff was a mysterious figure whose teachings are rigorous and complex. He spent the early part of his life seeking the truth about mankind and spiritual evolution, and later synthesized a system of development that embodied the esoteric traditions of the East and made it accessible to Westerners.

In Kathleen Speeth’s book she gives to each chapter a simple yet thorough introduction to a particular aspect of the Gurdjieff system – who he was; what he did; the philosophical basis of his ideas and the groups that carry on his work. Included are sketches, diagrams and photographs.

She shows an obvious grasp of the material which attests to her years of study and assimilation. Her style is concise without sacrificing depth … the clearest introductory book to this remarkable man and his work.

ISBN 0-87477-492-6