In Search of the Elixir of Personal Transformation: The Philosophy of Movements

In search of the elixir of personal transformation

What is the nature of movement?

Movement and dance are a neglected aspect of philosophy, but here the author explores movement from the perspective of meaning and value.

20th century teachers such as Alexander, Dalcroze, Laban and Gurdjieff have explored avenues ranging from the aesthetic and the healing arts to the spiritual, which effectively elevates movements into the philosophical domain. In this book, Jan Ellan Bows takes us on a journey of exploration, often with direct personal experience of the forms in question.

Movements carry subtle influences, especially when accompanied by music. Schools both ancient and modern, have used music and movement to promote healing through re-establishing harmonic balance (Pythagoras), and have “the ability to transmit an unknown, non-verbal language” (Gurdjieff).

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