Our Life With Mr. Gurdjieff

An extraordinary memoir. This is the de Hartmann’s intimate and enlightening account of an epic journey.

The great spiritual leader G.I.Gurdjieff encouraged the development of voluntary conscious thinking and was against blind adulation in his followers. Thomas de Hartmann, the Russian composer,and his wife Olga, joined Gurdjieff in St. Petersburg in 1917 at the outbreak of the Russian revolution, and accompanied him as his pupils and confidants through to the growth of Gurdjieff’s Institute near Paris. They stayed with Gurdjieff until 1929

This fascinating account evokes not only Gurdjieff”s work but also the chaos of the Russian civil war and times of profound social change. It tells of how we can reach our goals by being ready to risk everything to follow our heart’s desires, wherever it may lead.

ISBN 0-14-019228-X