Gurdjieff Group Work

The Leeds Gurdjieff Fourth Way Group endevours to provide a framework for seekers interested in the Fourth Way, to come together and work towards the development of consciousness, and to provide help in furthering the struggle against mechanical forces. This has involved a variety of activities which were originally devised by Mr. Gurdjieff at the Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man in the 1920’s. The Leeds Gurdjieff Group is committed to continue the ‘Work’ of Mr. Gurdjieff as it is done in Gurdjieff Groups worldwide.

Group meetings provide a framework to allow personal observations to be brought, and also give a ‘light along the way’ so that a connection is maintained with the principles and practices of the Fourth Way.

Sometimes powerful forces are at work, especially when the effort is to work ‘against the current’ of ordinary life, and so the group itself gives a positive force that members can use to ‘wake up’ in the midst of everyday life.

Gurdjieff Yorkshire
Gurdjieff Yorkshire
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