Becoming Conscious with Mr. Gurdjieff

Foreword by Solange Claustres …… “This book is about my personal experience of G.I.Gurdjieff and his teaching in groups, meetings, Movements and at home with him in his flat from 1941 to 1949. And from then on throughout my life.

The teaching based upon becoming conscious, of developing oneself with lucidity and honesty became my life.

It, therefore is my duty to warn readers about several things they should be aware of in order to find authentic and honest Work.

Several organizations have been formed in Gurdjieff’s name but not all of their leaders were taught by Monsieur Gurdjieff or Madame de Salzmann and so have not experienced the teachings in depth. In this way aspects of the ideas have become deformed as is clearly seen in the Movements. Often these people are involved in commercial organizations. Other people within groups are not ‘In’ this teaching in a practical way as they are not engaged in inner work; their ego is too strong and their imagination feeds their illusions.

After describing all this I must add that certain people through the honesty of their Being can understand the real meaning of this teaching and are able to pursue a genuine search guided by sincere observation.”

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ISBN-10: 9072395433