P. D. Ouspensky

Real and Living Thought

In his search for the ‘Miraculous’, P.D. Ouspensky describes his impressions of the East:

“Summing up the total of my impressions of the East, and particularly of India, I had to admit that, on my return, my problems seemed even more difficult and complicated than on my departure. India and the East had not only lost their glamour of the miraculous: on the contrary, this glamour had acquired new shades that were absent from it before. I saw clearly that something could be found there which had long since ceased to exist in Europe and I considered that the direction I had taken was the right one. But, at the same time, I was convinced that the secret was better and more deeply hidden than I could previously have supposed. When I went away, I already knew I was going to look for a school or schools. I had arrived at this long ago. I realized that personal , individual efforts were insufficient and that it was necessary to come into touch with the real and living thought which must be in existence somewhere but with which we had lost contact.”


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