Gurdjieff’s Mission: Sunday Lecture at the Leeds Theosophical Society

Sunday, January 8th, 2017, 2.30 pm at the Leeds Theosophical Society, 12 Queens Square, Leeds, LS2 8AJ

Bob Bows will discuss the teaching called the ‘Fourth Way’, which was brought to the West in 1912 by G. I . Gurdjieff.
Bob is co-founder of the Leeds Gurdjieff Society, an organisation which employs traditional Fourth Way methods such as Group Meetings, Craft Activities, Readings, Sacred Dances, and Music. This can provide the ‘material’ through which, if rightly used, can lead one to a new way of living in the sense of ‘Being’.
One of Bob’s research interests is to study the correspondences between various subtle energies (Animal magnetism, Orgone, Vril, Odyll and Gurdjieff’s ‘Active elements’ including Okidanokh).
In terms of the energy fields surrounding humans, animals and plants, Bob has studied the effects of various materials following the work of Baron Dr. Carl von Reichenbach and Franz Anton Mesmer.
Bob’s wife Jan Ellan Bows is a professional musician, and is the Movements Instructor for the Society, and was a student of Lillian Massey, a pupil of J.G. Bennett.
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